January 13th, 2006

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Had my knuckles rapped (metaphorically) by the guy in the library about the Robert Jordan book ... it is overdue, like I thought, and obviously it's also reserved by someone else. So last night was mostly a push to finish the book - I'm a couple of chapters from the end now, and I can probably take it to the library on Saturday. And my does stuff happen! I think there's been 2 major plot threads resolved (though I'm waiting for the outbreak of sniping bitchy hell hath no fury attack in one case ;) hopefully saved till the next book, or better yet, saved till after the series end so I don't have to read about it). And I've got some vague ideas of where 2 of the Forsaken might be hidden, though I'm having doubts about one as surely Rand would've recognised her.

Chased the cat out of the house in the morning by playing my flute - I think it's because I was starting with a harmonics exercise (finger middle C, play higher notes, like the C above) and that sounds a bit more shrill. But maybe he just doesn't like the flute ;) He'll need to get used to it. As you'd expect I got tired a lot quicker than the day before, but I still managed about 40 minutes practice. Collapse )

Read a bit about the Black Death in my historical atlas - it's astonishing to think that not only did the population halve from pre-plague levels, but that for ~150 years it didn't increase again due to recurrence of the plague. People were born and grew old watching people around them die, that's got to have an appalling affect on a society's culture & mindset.

Up a bit too early this morning - J's taking the car to the garage (there's something not entirely right with the pedals), so wanted to get there not long after 8. So I'm half an hour adrift from the new routine and somehow it matters, even though the routine has only been happening for 4 days. I'm a creature of habit, me ;)