January 14th, 2006


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Finally got off my arse yesterday and advertised the Snowplains meet ... I've been procrastinating on that like there's no tomorrow, which is a shame as it probably means fewer people can make it. Whatever, tis done now. And I think we've nearly got a dozen of us signed up already (including all 5 of us that have ever been admin), so not too much of a disaster :)

Started to play the second Game of the Month for civ 4 ... first time I've seriously sat down to play a game on Prince and it shows :/ I'm going to lose - the Malinese are going to pull off a spaceship victory before my cultural one is done. But I think I can manage to keep everyone buttered up till that's done and not be conquered. I was thinking I wouldn't bother to finish it off & submit it, but then I was reading the first spoiler thread on the CFC forum (for up to ~500AD) and lots of people were saying they'd been conquered before 1AD and stuff like that ... so I'm not sucking that bad, I'm gonna lose but I don't think I'm going to be actively defeated by someone else.

Did more flute practice in the morning - it was getting easier than the day before, this initial period is just getting my fingers used to the patterns of movement again, I think. More history reading, more art history reading. And I finished the Jordan book ("Knife of Dreams"). It was good in that I got sucked in and enjoyed reading it. And several plot things happened. But it felt a bit like RJ had a little list and was ticking things off as he got to them, the story didn't seem to flow so much as be a series of events. At least it did feel like stuff was happening and that we're setting up for the final battle - the last few books felt like the end was still a long way off with no resolution to any plot threads in sight. I can see now how he may be able to finish it off in one more book, like he says he will.