January 16th, 2006


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I managed to drink too much coffee on an empty stomach yesterday morning, which left me feeling nauseous for most of the afternoon. Which was rather annoying, I normally judge my caffeine intake better than that. To take my mind off it I read "Road Kill" by Zoë Sharp, which is the last (so far) of the Charlie Fox books. I'm not sure how these books would hold up to a re-read if you knew what was going to happen, and it's probably wisest not to think too hard about the plot ;) But it was a fun read, worth getting out of the library. Not sure where she's going to take the next book Collapse )

Played Quake4 in the evening, J had managed to round up quite a lot of people to start off with. We were playing on Paul's new server, which was much better than ours (for everyone else) as it wasn't restricted by the speed of an ADSL uplink ;) I actually did quite well in the games I was in - more people makes it easier in many ways, not least because I'm totally outclassed by J and Paul so having other people around to kill certainly makes life easier ;)

And despite not doing much yesterday and getting enough sleep for the last several nights, I'm tired this morning. Which is slightly annoying.