January 19th, 2006


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Remember that Civ game I was playing? That I thought I was doing well at? I quit before I lost :/ There I was, going along nicely I thought .. and Montezuma declared war, sent about a hundred units over the border & took 2 of my cities in 2 turns without doing much more than slightly taking the shine off his army. Ah well.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon making a stencil to make birthday cards - it's been years since I did anything like that. I'd forgotten how much hard work it was actually making the stencil (though I guess it'd've been easier if I'd not had quite such a sturdy piece of card to work with) - I've not worked out how to smooth the edges (fine sandpaper, I guess, need to see if we have any - I thought I had a very small rasp, but it appears not), but it's not that important as I'm mostly using the stencil for letter placement/basic shape, I'm inking them freehand. I need to find/buy a fine black marker, too. While the black felt tip I had worked for the way I did my mock up (thick black outline, coloured in with pencil) I need something more delicate for at least one of the other colouring ideas I have (whee! I get to play with my watercolours :) ). And I even found some plain white card for making the real cards, too.

I also read this month's book for clubbook ("The Boys of My Youth" by Jo Ann Beard) - discussion starts Monday & I'd worried I'd left it too late as I often take longer to read books I have to read than ones I'd chosen freely. But it didn't take more than the evening ... a bit like the book equivalent of candyfloss: pleasant enough at the time, but ultimately unsatisfying. Need to write up some thoughts about it today (while I still remember them) so I can post on Monday.

I'm currently listening to friendly music as I'm expecting an electrician to turn up this morning. But what I really want to listen to is a lot more crunchy, which makes an ... interesting ... contrast between external & internal music ;)