January 20th, 2006


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Yesterday got off to a bad start when J clipped someone's wing mirror as he was pulling out of his parking space. The other car owner wasn't around, so I wrote a wee note saying we'd got the mirror & to call me & I'd return it, and we'd pay for the repairs. So I spent a slightly anxious morning waiting for that phonecall. In the end the guy phoned at about midday - and he was nice about it. Apparently the mirror's come out 4 times since they moved here, and it just pops back in. So there's nothing to pay to repair it, and he wasn't bothered about it anyway. Our mirror unfortunately doesn't just pop back in, so that's another trip to the garage for the poor car.

The electrician visit wasn't quite so successful - the bulb holder in one of the wall mounted lights in the living room was broken. We couldn't work out how to get the bit of plastic off the wire (no screw holes, no obvious closing mechanism) so had called out an electrician. He looked at it and ummed and ahhed, and gave the bad news. The plastic insides are screwed on from the back of the ceramic holder - so to replace it properly it would have to be removed from the wall. The ceramic is so badly cracked he wasn't sure if it would survive removal, and anyway we're loathe to remove them as they're painted & artexed into the wall :/ We talked about a couple of other options, but he couldn't see a way to make them safe (generally involved the bulb resting on the already cracked ceramic). So his advice is we go and look for replacement lights (ceramic & all) that are slightly larger than the existing ones so they cover up where the existing ones were removed. He reckons if he cuts round the light first then it should be possible to remove it without substantially damaging the paintwork on the wall - and if we get nice looking lights then we don't have to paint over them (getting paint to match >4 year old paint will be pretty close to impossible, and it's not like we like the colour anyway so we'd rather not get any of that paint). So that's a faff we could've done without. Bah.

New week of flute practice started yesterday - though my practicing was interrupted twice so I didn't get everything done (was far too hungry by the end). Collapse )