January 21st, 2006


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Looking round yesterday I'm quite impressed with how much difference I've made to the house in the two weeks since J went back to work - yeah, there's some growing mess (gotta love that disorder), but it's clean mess ;) To do lists for the days of the week have helped a lot - I feel guilty if I don't get the 'before lunch' stuff done, so I delay lunch till it's happened, rather than letting things slip which I'd fallen into doing before Christmas. Now to try & keep it going till it's habit.

Got the annual mortgage statement through from YBS this morning, they've adjusted our payment down due to both interest rate changes & the extra we'd paid off because of the offset. I need to ring them on Monday & see about putting the payment back up to about the same as it was before (so we're overpaying, and thus accelerate the rate we pay it off).

Most of yesterday afternoon & evening was all about Civ4. It was my turn in both the CivFanatics sucession games I'm in, so I played them & wrote them up. It's mildly annoying to need to reboot to play Civ, because I then need to reboot back again to get at The Gimp & crop the pictures etc. I found another site with Civ forums - Realms Beyond. And they have competitions (sorta), so I was playing Adventure 3 for a while last night. Given it's Prince & Raging Barbarians, I don't expect I'll win the game, let alone score high in the competition. But the scoring schema intrigued me (and I think I can make it to be a Tsar even if I lose). They're really death on spoilers, so I'll just say I played through to 500AD last night and will carry on another time. They're also death on mods at the moment (I gather from looking at the forums that that might change for specific mods) so I worked out how to have two different set ups (not the most elegant way, but it works sufficiently) ... and it also meant I ended up playing in windowed mode so that I could take notes as I played because I couldn't use the auto-logger mod I found (the point is the write-up, for this site, so notes are important). And that also meant I could check the screenshots took (they don't always) and move them somewhere sensible & rename them as I went. Need to write that up sometime soon, probably before I play another chunk, and tweak the screenshots etc - better to do that in bits given there's ~25 of them.

On that note, still need to write up thoughts for "The Boys of My Youth" for clubbook ... must get on with that, before I forget about the book.

Cooked more fish last night (in between Civ games), another recipe from the Italian cookery book I got the first one from (I'd already decided to try this before everyone made suggestions). The verdict was that it was too garlicy, so I've noted down which bits of garlic I'd remove. And unlike the first recipe it's left the house smelling slightly of garlicy fish, so I'm writing this with the windows wide open to air the place out a bit (hence no music).