January 25th, 2006


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Managed to get caught up on chores after a day off, which is good. And still had time to play with my watercolours a bit :) Though I completely failed to pull off the effect I was aiming for, and it didn't end up looking particularly good. Ah well, I just need more practice. And I need to stop the card wrinkling as it dries. I think I need to pre-wet it then tape it out & paint on it then. Which means it'll have a small white rim ... but that's OK. I need to find the masking tape now, I'm sure we had some from when we were painting. Anyway, that's for future experiments, I shall fall back to plan A for the two cards I need to do this week (colouring pencils).

In the evening I was kinda twitchy. Don't think I'd had more caffeine than usual, but it felt a bit like I had - couldn't settle down to do anything, I was constantly twitching up to do something else. I did do a blend for blending_star as the new competition was posted just as I was looking for something to do to hold my attention. I'd meant to do one for last week's competition (as they often have very few entries, so it seems kind to keep doing them to bulk up numbers), but I totally forgot in amongst all the other stuff I was doing. Done this one though, even if it is Mariah Carey based.

And I made a new banner for our webpage ... we'd been talking about using pictures of the cat for a while, and I'd made a big blend that just wasn't suitable for the page a few weeks ago. But this time I started with the right size & made quite a nice one :) Edit: Image is now a small version, that links to the full size one (which isn't huge, but too big for some people's screens :) ).

Toby banner