February 7th, 2006


(no subject)

Yesterday was mostly Civ full - I was finishing off Adventure 3 before the deadline (midnight last night) and today I get to finish the report ... just as well I've a few CDs to burn to keep me busy (that was supposed to be yesterday's job too, but we had some burning issues which are hopefully fixed).

I also finished "Interstellar Patrol" by Christopher Anvil, old-fashion SF short stories published by Baen, edited by Eric Flint ... there's a few books like that around. Normally good stories though, this collection was no exception. They're kinda 'boys own adventures in space' though, no female characters, and not much characterisation - it's chaps going off and doing Stuff, where Stuff has a sci-fi feel and involves gadgets & out-thinking your opponent. Fun, but I'm glad things have moved on.