March 27th, 2006


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Looks like spring finally got round to springing. The temperature difference between the weekend and last week was pretty incredible - I like my warmer weather :) Even if today it seems to have come complete with drizzle ;)

We got another chunk of box-room sorting done over the weekend - went through all the hardware bits & pieces and binned everything we couldn't identify. And some things we could identify too - if a computer part is >10 years old it's no longer worth keeping ;) And sorted out the various cables etc into bags of different types (fairly generic - like 'mains leads' or 'networking'). Now all we have is the most recent old stuff and 4 computer corpses. One of those was our firewall until last week (when we replaced it with a new ADSL router that does real firewalling), one of those was the previous iteration of the fileserver so still halfway OK spec. The former is being kept till we're convinced about the current LAN set up, the latter may turn into a music recording machine if it's up to it. The other two corpses probably ought to go - one is sub-PIII and while it works (I think) it's not useful and the other doesn't POST. Dunno why, it just doesn't (spins up power-supply fan and does nothing else). It was J's folks' machine until that happened and I spent a few hours trying to sort out what was wrong, then just shifted the hard-drives & modem into another machine and gave them that.

But the box-room is beginning to have a little more space in it ... for the stuff that's in the spare room & our bedroom to be shifted in there. Probably ought to think about getting the loft boarded, get some of this stuff out of the way.
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