April 25th, 2006

fink whiky

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I think it might almost be sandals weather :) Now I just have to replace last year's sandals ... as I fished them out of the shoe collection this morning I remembered that the catch on one of them slips making it a little irritating on walks longer than 30s. Should be able to find some cheapish nice ones though - which hopefully won't give me nasty blisters for too long (blisters for a short time are inevitable, I think).

The thoughts of sandals were sparked by a nice leisurely stroll yesterday afternoon down to the post office to pick up a parcel for J - it was warm & sunny, a cheerful sort of afternoon. Less cheerful was the mousemat I bought (well, I was passing Staples, so I figured I might as well go in). I mostly use a mousemat for the wristrest & my current one is falling to bits (wristrest is currently bluetaked on, and it's a bit solid now, anyway), So I checked that the mat said it was 'Optical Mouse Friendly' and it did ... unfortunately, it has an irrational dislike for my mouse (and only mine, works with J's but he doesn't want a mousemat). I think it's too shiny & the mouse doesn't realise there's a surface beneath it so it switches off the laser. So back to Staples I shall go on Thursday & see if I can get it swapped for a wristrest as my mouse works just fine on the desk. If not, I guess I'll get a new mouse someday (the left button on this one might be beginning to get a little soft anyway) and I can use the new mousemat then.

I'm stunningly lacking in oomph this morning - think we went to bed too late last night, so even though I slept well I've not had quite enough sleep. Must play less Quake, or something. Probably.