April 28th, 2006


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Yesterday's shopping trip was successful in many ways :) Got that mouse mat swapped - they were completely fine about it, which was nice. So I now have a bright red wrist rest and no mouse mat. I'll have to see how I get used to it - being plastic it gets a bit sticky with prolonged use (like when playing games), but hopefully that'll either wear off or I can dust it in flour or something ;) Red isn't quite the colour I'd've chosen, but the blue ones were 50% more expensive, which was bizarre, and I didn't really want to pay even more for just a wrist rest ...

Also succeeded, finally, in buying some new jeans for everyday wear. I'd looked in Dorothy Perkins before, as that's where the last pair came from, and they'd changed the cut of their jeans so they didn't sit right on me & were way too low cut. And I was beginning to think I'd have to pay M&S or Gap prices to get something that fit (I resent paying lots for jeans because I wear holes in them within 6 months regardless of the price). But inspiration struck and I looked in New Look - which had reasonably priced, reasonably cut jeans. Though they're possibly a little long, but the shorter leg length was flapping round my ankles.

And bought cake tins, having found a chocolate cake recipe in the cookery book that knows everything, that looks astonishingly like the one my mother used to make. Funny that ;) I think I shall make one of the other variants this weekend so that I can test the actual process while keeping the chocolate bit special for the birthday cake.