May 8th, 2006


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Cake was a success :) I made it on Friday in case disaster struck, as I'd then have time to have another go. But everything was successful, first time. It actually turned out better than the coffee cake, as it wasn't quite as sweet (cocoa in the butter icing made a big difference). J's mother liked it enough to copy out the recipe :)

All J's presents got here in time - just. I ended up wrapping two on Saturday morning, one of which was the one from his parents. But I managed to get that done before they arrived, so they got to see him unwrap it. They were doing one of their flying visits to fix something - but nicely coinciding with J's birthday. So we spent the afternoon mostly doing the garden, as we often do when J's folks visit - in the space of a few hours they managed to turn it into a more garden-like place again, and we have some new plants now that actually flower. Most of the work, though, was trimming back a couple of trees that were getting out of hand - one of them is someone else's, but we trimmed a chunk out that was overhanging our grass. It's amazing how much bigger the garden looks now we've done that.

And in the evening we went to The Dove for a few drinks - I made the mistake of drinking pints, which I should never do when drinking with my father-in-law as he's a bad influence. Suffice to say that I wasn't very well yesterday morning, and spent most of the day shambling around zombie-like after the evil hangover fairy stole my brain ;) Still managed to play a bit of quake, and I was even playing rather well (for me) later on in the evening. We still managed to get an early night, though, server we were playing on shut itself down mid-game and we decided to call it a night at that point.

I have too much to do this week :/ All fun, but I've got to make choices - RB Epic 2 finishes next Monday so I've got to play & write it up during the week, which will take a significant chunk of time & I've only got till Thursday. Also want to do more to my log analysis script, no deadline on that but I've got ideas of things I want to do so I want to do it nownownow. Ah well. I'll figure something out, probably put off the coding for the game though, given the deadline.