June 23rd, 2006


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It was a productive day yesterday, sorted out a couple of things I've not been getting round to. Got a new phone - I renewed my contract a little while ago & didn't get round to getting the phone upgrade, so I did that yesterday. Hopefully it won't've changed the amount I'm paying (I was on a discounted tariff), but the guy in the shop was insistent that it wouldn't, so if it does I shall go back in & raise hell ;) I didn't think I was going to get one at first, he said my tariff was so low I couldn't get any for free, I'd have to pay £60. But then when I said I wouldn't bother & started to go he suddenly changed his mind and told me there were two possible phones I could get for free. I went for the Nokia, coz I know I like the GUI on them. If anyone cares about phones, it's a Nokia 6230i and the camera on it is almost as good as our digital camera. Charged it last night & transfered the sim. And set the ring tone to a ringing tone rather than some dumb tune. And that's the only changes I'll ever make, I think ;)

Also took my wedding ring in to be resized. I've been putting that off for ages, but after nearly losing it twice in about 12 hours I figured it was past time to get it adjusted. As I've been wearing a ring on my left hand for about 9 years it felt really really weird without it - so I've swapped my engagement ring from my right hand to my left, and now both hands feel a little odd, but neither as odd as a bare left hand (I only started wearing my engagement ring on my right hand every day last year when I finished work). I'll probably put my engagement ring in to be resized afterwards, it's a bit loose too, though not as much.

And the evening was spent looking at the Prey demo, which was released yesterday. J played through the single player bit of the demo, which looked really cool. And they've put quite a bit of work into the science fiction aspects of the scenario - there's a lot of playing with gravity, not just walking up walls on special textures, but things you can shoot to switch the gravity in the room to pull to a different surface and such. And portals that go somewhere else if you go through one way, but don't transport if you go through from the other side. Also portals that are only visible from one side. All of which make it a little different for an FPS before we even get onto the Native American spirit stuff (our hero is a Cherokee & rather against his inclinations learns to spirit walk & gets a spirit guide with hints that there's more of that to learn later in the game).

The multiplayer side of it is less cool - it's got all the physics/spirit tricks, and some nice weapons, but the movement is Doom3 slow & steady. Feels a bit like walking through treacle, to be honest. I guess they think it'll make a more snipey game than Quake4, but ... it's not dark enough, there's not enough hiding places on the maps I saw, so I'm not sure that'd work either. And anyway, that sort of gameplay isn't to my tastes.