June 26th, 2006


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The promised rain held off for a couple of days - it's pouring down now, but (contrary to the forecast) it was nice on Saturday for marble's birthday do. Which was nice as it meant that we could spend all afternoon sitting outside in the sun :) It was a good party, nice company ... I possibly had more than my fair share of the beer, but given the majority of people were driving ...

Unfortunately that did mean that I spent a chunk of yesterday with a hangover, but that's how life works ;) So yesterday's roast lunch got postponed to tonight & instead there were some computer games (I played some of Epic 4 but we didn't play Quake4 (no-one else was around)), and J installed gramps and we looked at some family tree stuff for the first time in a few years. Managed to find & import the previous database, and started to go through and tidy up some of the data (it's been imported into and out of a few programs so far). We also found some of J's ancestors in the 1881 census, which was quite cool :) We need to finish tidying up the data, then see what we can get for free from the web before seeing whose birth certificates or whatnot we want to order.