September 1st, 2006


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It's been a while since I updated. No specially good reason, I've been reasonably busy but not so busy I couldn't've written something.

Last Wednesday we went to Reading for a concert - it billed itself as the Reading Homecoming Festival, which was quite a posh name to slap on a bunch of bands playing in a small club in the middle of Reading ;) There were 5 bands playing in the main room & four in the downstairs 'acoustic room' - Pure Reason Revolution were the reason we were there and they were playing a set in both rooms. They were very good and well worth the drive (3 hours each way! eek!), the rest of the bands were less memorable.

All my computer bits arrived last week when they should've, which gave me something to occupy myself with while J was out at karate all weekend ;) I built the machine on Friday & got Windows & Quake4 installed by the evening. Windows is relatively easy to set up as I don't use it everyday so there's no need to customise it and make it work the way I want (and infact I think I couldn't make it do some of the stuff anyway - like focus-follows-mouse and autoraise). Linux took me most of the next 3 days to install, and I only put the finishing touches on it yesterday (I'm still finding stuff to add now, actually, but just apps, nothing big & important). It took so long because I was installing Gentoo, so everything needed to be compiled from source, and even the shiny new machine takes (for instance) 5 hours to compile & install the whole of KDE ;) This is a lot better than the 14 hours my old machine took, tho :D I'm pretty proud of myself as I got it all installed all on my own - first time I've done that (first time I've tried, mind). I even compiled the kernel (two kernels, and one of them twice when I discovered all the things I'd left out the first time ;) ). And it works! My only real problem was with the nic - the drivers for it in the kernel that came with the Gentoo installation CD (2.6.15) had a few difficulties. Took me ages to track down - but it seems that Windows leaves the nic in a state that the driver couldn't quite deal with, so if you powered off & unplugged the power cord for 15s after being in Windows it'd work, but otherwise it wouldn't. Thankfully the newer kernel (2.6.17) deals with it just fine.

Games are the other reason the linux install took so long - I had to get it into a state where I could reboot at the end of the day & play Q4. It looks so shiny now :D Even shinier than J's - though that's mostly just coz my monitor has better colour depth so the same detail level looks better. It may've made a difference to my playing, but then again last night I was completely & totally outclassed, so maybe not ;)

It was my birthday on Tuesday (new binary digit) and we had Ed come over for dinner & drinks (as he can't make it to the pub this weekend). Notes for proper care & feeding of Margarets: Gin is a fantastic present, but don't let me make the G&Ts when I've already had a bottle of wine ;) It was a good evening - we played Seafarers of Catan and sat & chatted about stuff, and had a nice curry too. And Weds morning I felt really rather rough ;)

Other birthday loot included more games (shiny shiny), new music, new book & new coat. The latter from my mother-in-law - every time we visit she whisks my ratty old raincoat away to be washed & tutted over, so she's finally replaced it for me ;) It's a nice coat & suits me a lot better than the old one did too :)