October 20th, 2006


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J worked from home yesterday, so we were bad & bought hot paninis from the deli to have for lunch rather than me cook anything - the excuse was that he'd decided too late for me to have enough food in the house for lunch for 2. The deli was looking a bit sparse, it's odd - they seem to be successful, but there's often not much in there to just wander in & buy any more. There used to be loaves of bread, several different sorts of cheese & sausage, but now there's a few bits and pieces & that's it. I guess most of their trade is catering for dinners/lunches and not passing trade. Either that, or they're about to go bang ;)

Speaking of which, the maintenance company up the road have either moved or shut down. I wouldn't be surprised if they'd shut down - they never managed to get a receptionist who was anything other than supercilious with their customers. Although the most recent one was quite good at invoicing people, which does tend to help keep a business a going concern ;)
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