October 24th, 2006


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As I was walking into town yesterday I crossed over the road at a crossroads with traffic lights, like I normally do. Traffic stopped at the red light, like normal. Except for the car that drove up behind the (short) queue of traffic, drove out onto the other side of the road, round the queue & pulled up ahead of them in the junction. *goggle* Not a hint that the driver (some old boy) realised that that wasn't normal driving behaviour, not a hint that the driver even noticed all the pedestrians stop & look at him. Very strange.

That was about the most interesting bit of my day though. I managed to get home before it poured with rain, neither the cat nor J were quite that lucky. The cat does this thing where if he comes in wet he meows imperiously until you stroke him, then he's happy. We're not quite sure if this is actually a cunning plan to share the unpleasant wetness or not.