November 13th, 2006


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Mostly a quiet weekend - J's had a cold so wasn't feeling up to much. So he's spent a lot of time re-watching the Lord of the Rings films, and I've mostly been reading books. Some quake playing too - Friday evening was quite funny as someone managed to whine about losing enough to annoy the whole server full of people, nothing like some shared irritation to bring a group of people together ;) Though I was a little disconcerted to find out that someone had been sufficiently stalkerish to track down our webpage, I'd not thought we were very easily googleable. And yesterday we had the most people we've ever managed to get together for our Sunday afternoon quaking :D We've moved over to playing Freezetag rather than Deadzone, which I'm pleased about as I was getting rather bored of Deadzone & you can play Freezetag a bit more like FFA (which is still my favourite game mode). J and I also played some 1v1 on Saturday - we're noticeably closer in skill since we last tried that, but he's still got the edge. I think I've got the faster reflexes (I got some fantastic kills where we both came round a corner & I stuck a rocket in his face), but he's got more of a sense of strategy & how to work with the map which wins in the end (so he got some fantastic kills where I came round a corner & he railed me as he'd been patiently sitting waiting to do). I liked the scoreboard that Q4Max has for the duel mode, too - gave accuracy & kills with each weapon as one was going along.

Watched telly yesterday evening, Planet Earth then Torchwood. Torchwood was so-so, I did enjoy watching it, but afterwards I could think of quite a few ways in which it didn't quite gel as a story. There were really two different parts of story going on, and they felt too seperate at places where they shouldn't've. And while it did suceed in being creepy & disturbing, Collapse )

The cat watched Planet Earth with us. He often sits on J's lap when we watch telly, but he actually watches Planet Earth. He was fairly settled till the bits where there were birds flying up out of a burrow (on the Tibetan plain). And then he was off in front of the telly, for a while he was still just tracking the things walking across the screen … following them with his head & looking for them off the edges, but then he decided he just had to catch the fox (I think it was a fox, I was too busy laughing at the cat to catch what the animal was), and jumped up to pat his paws against the screen on the fox's head. He was most dischuffed to find out that he couldn't get into the big silver box and capture things ;)