January 6th, 2007

fink whiky

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It was Furry last night - third of three in a row, but the first one we could make it to (being as we were in Macclesfield on 23rd & my parents were here on the 29th). We were both a little too tired for it, but it was still fun even if we didn't stay out till the end. And it was good to catch up with Ed, who we'd not had a chance to have a chat to for a long time. We've tentatively booked up for a Sunday afternoon of board & computer games with him in mid-Feb, so that'll be cool :)

In the afternoon I got my head round a small amount of SQL - I've finally found myself a new project that's both coding & history related ... and is only dependent on me, so can't vanish out from under me (the XBM mod for Q4 isn't being developed any more, so my log parser is totally dead now). It's something I've had running around in my head for a while - I think I talked about it when I'd just finished reading a book about the Reformation - while I've got a general grasp on the outline of events it would sometimes be nice to be able to relate what I'm reading about this time to other things from the other books I've read without going back to re-read them right then. So I want to generate a table of events seperated out into various categories (like which country they're in etc) - with an overview of the ~200 years or so that I'm interested in, then working down through pages with more detail & a shorter time span. And, as J suggested, probably the easiest way to do that is to have a database with the facts in, and a cgi script to display the right selection of them. So, so far I've learnt how to create a table, populate it with data & select data from it (in sqlite). Next, cgi scripts ...