March 23rd, 2007


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In geeky news I (and J) installed Beryl last night - which does all sorts of cool visual effects for the desktop ... so now my windows vanish in a puff of fire & smoke :D I am possibly rather more amused by this than I should be ;) Oh, and the windows wobble while you drag them around. Can you tell I've spent far too much time yesterday evening & this morning wobbling windows & opening & shutting them ;) The transparency effects are nice too - I've got translucent window borders (and the buttons on the edges are invisible till you mouse-over them - not great for usability I guess, but looks nice). Actually the latter half of that parenthetical comment sums up the whole thing - probably not great for usability, a bit of a resource hog, but hey! it looks cool ;)

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In other news. Am I the only woman in the world who wants pockets in skirts? Looking through some old photos the other day I was reminded that I used to wear more skirts for everyday - so I was gonna get myself a new skirt. But if it's for everyday then I need pockets - I know I gave in a while ago & got myself a handbag, but I still keep my keys in my pocket so that I can walk out the front door without worrying about locking myself out. And my phone in my pocket for that matter, though that's less essential. And there doesn't seem to be a skirt in the shops that has even a single pocket :/ If I think of another solution to keeping my keys with me I may still buy one though, there's some nice long skirts in the shops at the moment that look durable & plain enough for everyday. God, I'm turning into a real girl. Or back into one, depending on perspective, I guess.