April 25th, 2007


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I seem to be doing particularly badly on the entry-a-day thing, lately. It seems to have been a month (and 2 days, for the pedants) since I last updated.

Which presumably means I'm gonna forget all sorts of stuff.

The big event of the last month is that J got his black belt in karate! I'm very proud of him :D

Unsurprisingly this meant we haven't really done very much social type stuff - firstly he was training 6 days a week in the immediate run up to the grading, and subsequently we've been having a nice relaxing & stress free time.

Music wise this has been been a month of album releases - Maxïmo Park, Marillion & Porcupine Tree all had albums out in a three week period. Maxïmo Park are kinda losing out on plays, but I'd be hard pushed to pick a favourite between the other two - I like both of them a lot. I'd had doubts about the PT one in advance, because I do prefer more songs-y albums in general & this is basically a 50 minute piece of music split into 6 parts, but I'm actually really enjoying it. Just as well, we're off to see them in Cambridge this evening :)

Games wise I've been playing more & more & more Quake4 - I'm definitely getting better. One of these days I'll actually get the hang of strafe jumping too ;) There's been a couple of beta patches recently & the second of those had a whole bunch of new maps which is nice, I was beginning to get a little bored of some of the older maps. (It was always bloody Bloodworks, everytime I joined the server, it seemed ;) ).

I've also been playing a bit of Civ4 again - my write up of an unofficial RB event is here, and I'm hoping to get Epic 10 played & written up before May 14th - I figure I'm about halfway through playing the game at the moment.

In more worthy project news I've been doing a lot of genealogy stuff recently - J's (obviously) been busy with other things, so I've started looking at my own ancestors. It's slightly easier to find out things about Scottish ancestors than English ones as the birth, marriage & death certificates have more info on them than the English equivalents - compulsory registration doesn't go back quite as far though. Still, using the census data & just a couple of certificates I've got a couple of lines back to people born at the turn of the nineteenth century - including one chap with the fantastic name of Farquharson Sandeman, I guess my brother'd be glad that's not stuck as a "family name" ;)

Oh, and lastly, a post of white_hart's reminded me of a poster I'd seen in the Co-op in town ... I took a picture of it yesterday with my phone, due to the crappy quality it's not very clear - I did try & enlarge a bit of it, so hopefully that's readable. I find the message somewhat disconcertingly 1984ish:

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