June 2nd, 2007


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Last night of the jolt league was Tuesday so I get my Tuesday evenings back now ;) I got to admin the games I wanted (beating Eden to the SDSR v KoS game by a mere 30s :D ), and I got mentioned in the summing-up news post as a notable person so that made me happy :)

Of course once that was over I was starting to twitch about Friday, when I was having the op to remove the cyst on my eyelid - I'd been managing not to think about it coz it wasn't till after the league finished, but obviously that meant that once it did finish ...

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The - condition? syndrome? whatever? - of having these form is called Blepharitis, which sounds faintly ludicrous. I've got instructions about cleaning my eyelids & helping prevent more forming and also to get them to go away if they do form (there's another tiny one on my left eyelid atm, but that will hopefully go away).

And now I get to relax without that hanging over me.