July 29th, 2007


Meeting Mum's Cousin Sandy (& some Culture, too)

A couple of weeks ago we went into London to meet some family members I'd never met before. It turned out that my mother hadn't seen them since before she married Dad (they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this year ...). So it'd been a while ;)

We were meeting up with my mother's mother's youngest sister's son Sandy & his wife (Susie) and their daughter Caroline. They live in Australia at the moment, Sydney to be a little more precise, and Susie's from the US originally (and I think they lived there for a while after they were in the UK).

We got into London a bit early - I was worried about the trains screwing up but it all ran on time. After meeting my parents and going for a bit of a stroll (they were early too) we headed off to Daphne's, where Sandy & co had just arrived. It was a nice restuarant - the food was good, though the atmosphere was possibly a little posh for my tastes (a hazard of eating out in Kensington, I guess). We all went our seperate ways after lunch, so it was quite a brief get-together (and hence I've not much to say about it, really), but it was nice to meet people I've only ever heard of, and nice to meet some of my mother's family as most of the rest died while I was still a kid (her parents died ~30 years ago, give or take a year or two, her aunts died some time ago too, and she's an only child, so there's just cousins left now).

We had decided we'd make a day of it, rather than just come home after lunch, so we headed off to the British Museum next. J's fascinated by the Egyptians, so we went and looked at one of the exhibitions about them - we'd been before, a few years ago (in the company of spods, I think), and had had vague intentions of starting at the other end of the gallery, but forgot & so saw mostly the same stuff again (it's still interesting though). We picked up a book about the Egyptians while we were there, too.

And after that we had to wait a while before our train tickets were valid (and anyway it avoided rush hour) so we went and had dinner at the conveniently close Wagamamas :) (Took a map this time, so we could find it more easily than last time we tried to go to Wagamamas ;) ). We had a rather abortive attempt to find the Princess Louise pub after that, but we weren't entirely sure where it was, other than probably nearby, so we gave up & came back to Ipswich to have a pint in The Dove instead :)

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I've not really been doing stuff that feels worth talking about recently - playing quake4, doing genealogy research, doing housework, hanging out online talking to people. Things that are useful or interesting to me or fun, but not so much to post about. So I've not really been posting (as has probably been obvious ;) ). Tho if I was in the habit of posting more often then I'd have little things to talk about that I forget when I save everything up ...

I'm gradually teaching myself to strafe-jump in quake4. This'd go a lot faster if I could be bothered to sit down & practice, but that bores me, so I've not been doing that, just trying to get the hang of it while I'm playing. In other tangentially-quake4-related stuff, the drama llama paid a visit to one of the irc channels I hang out on the other week, but it thankfully didn't actually involve me (other than tangentially with someone getting offended on my behalf *sigh*), and it seems to have gone away now ;)

We finally got round to getting some of the house-stuff sorted out that we've been meaning to do for ages - got builders coming in on Tuesday to sort out the loft (more insulation, more roof supports, boarding). And got a painter coming at the end of August to paint the windowsills etc on the outside of the house (which is long overdue :/).