October 6th, 2007


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Thursday was gig 3 of 7 - iLiKETRAiNS playing in the Colchester Arts Centre. We'd been to the venue once before, but a long time ago to see a band we didn't end up staying through the whole set of (we'd got tickets for free via Ed and none of the three of us ended up liking the band). Like the Norwich Arts Centre it's a converted church, and still looks pretty church like, just without the pews. The sign on the wall about this amused me enough to photograph:

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The first band on were called The Hillmisters, and weren't all that memorable - tho quite pleasant to listen to at the time. Next up were Sennen, who I suspect I wouldn't like on record, but I did rather enjoy as a live set. They had an odd set up in that they had two vocalists, both of whom played guitar, so they stood at either side of the stage and the bassist stood in the middle where you'd expect the frontman to stand, but he wasn't. I can see why they did that as I think pretty much all the vocals were done (in harmony) by both singers.

When iLiKETRAiNS came on stage to set up it became clear that the guy who'd sold me the t-shirts was actually in the band (cornet player & visuals, iirc), I always feel a little uncomfortable if it's the band running the merch not really sure why. Their t-shirts were pretty cool, tho I rejected the one that said "Death is the End" on it as being too goth for words, but as J pointed out at the time "I Am Murdered" isn't really all that much better - but I like it anyway ;)

iLiKETRAiNS were great - I'm not sure what you'd get out of it if you didn't know the songs though. But as I'd listened to the album ALL DAY before I was quite well acquainted with it ;) I liked the way they used visuals and fitted what they were showing to the songs, particularly worthy of note are We All Fall Down (which is about a plague-stricken village who isolate themselves rather than spread the disease to the rest of the area) where the visuals included listing the names of all the dead. And Twenty Five Sins (about the Great Fire of London) where the flames were moving in time to the music. They didn't play an encore, which I thought was a shame, but it was a good gig :)
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Somehow my plan of posting more often and not doing catch up posts fell by the way side again. This does have something to do with the fact that a lot of what I'm doing at the moment is playing computer games which I feel is a trifle dull for those who don't play and probably not that interesting to read about even for those who do play ;)

I'm juggling Quake 4 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars at the moment - I do still prefer Quake 4, but there's the whole "ooh shiny new game" thing with ETQW. And J's playing ETQW which means we're back to having a shared game which is nice :) I quite like the persistent stats thing with ETQW, though if you read round the forums people're obsessing too much about XP. It's not like it unlocks anything or anything - the game is about winning each map/campaign you're playing, it's just a nice indicator of what you're being successful at doing, what you might need to work on a bit, and how well you're doing.

Quake 4 wise - I don't think I ever actually mentioned that I joined Hotclan a couple of months ago. so theoretically I'm playing tdm now, but I think I've only actually played about twice. Partly coz people're very disorganised - spent too much of last Tuesday waiting to see if we'd got 4 for a game while various people said "yes, I'll play" "oh, no, sorry I'm doing something else". So mostly being in a clan just involves more (slightly drunken) irc conversations ;) Unfortunately the drama llama seems to be paying us an extended visit at the moment but I'm sure we'll shoot it soon ;)

In other news, we're definitely looking forward to our holiday at the end of the month. Coz we're taking 10 days or so then we'd not really taken a break this summer, which in retrospect was a bad idea - J's got enough holiday left that we could've done both. I think I've got pretty much everything sorted out for it though (which is good as it's less than 2 weeks), just got to ring to confirm the b&b bookings, really.