February 2nd, 2008

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And again with the catching up. There's been Xmas and New Year and messed up phonelines and PS3 and all sorts of things, oh yes.

Saw my folks the weekend before Xmas, nice quiet relaxing time. We went for a walk round near my secondary school, which was kinda odd as I don't think I've been near there since I left. And came back via the path behind what used to be the football stadium, but now is not.

Saw J's folks for New Year - nice, relaxing and very alcoholic, just as a New Year should be :) J's Dad got a slide scanner for Xmas, so we helped him set that up while we were there & went through loads of slides from when J was very little. The journey back from there was a tad hair-raising initially, as it snowed the day we were leaving. The first 20 miles or so it wasn't clear if we should turn back or continue, then suddenly it was like someone drew a line on the road and the roads were clear after that all the way home.

The 6 days in between were pretty much all spent playing PS3 games on our shiny new toy :D The games we got to start off with were Heavenly Sword, Resistance: Fall of Man, Assassin's Creed and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. R:FoM is probably the weakest of them, but we'll come back to it sometime as it's a game we can play co-op (tho not the best implemented I've seen - vertical split screen which makes it feel cramped, especially as I've got used to playing fps games with a higher fov than the default). Assassin's Creed is the best of the set - good story, very cool looking graphics (tho clearly we now need an HD telly to full appreciate them). We finished it earlier this week & it definitely kept its appeal right to the end (J was doing the actual playing, I was mostly watching and navigating ;) ). Heavenly Sword is shiny - tho I found it frustrating to play (the motion sensitive stuff in particular), but J finished it (despite his howls of rage at times). Lego Star Wars is also cool - again it's got a co-op mode, which is nice, and it's Lego and Star Wars, what's not to love?

Since the holidays we've had a marble come & visit for an afternoon, to see the new shiny, he bought a PS3 shortly afterwards >:) And we've had Jo and Chris visit too - their visit was longer, and involved more alcohol ;) Chris wasn't well the last day, some fluey thing, which J seems to've subsequently had. I'm suffering a little myself this weekend, but hopefully it'll stay just a cold & not progress to the fevery bit :)

I'm sure I've missed stuff out :/ Oh, yeah. The phoneline. Started playing up a little before Xmas, crackly, losing dialtone for hours on end, but then coming back. That's part of why I've not updated, not because we had no internet, coz actually we did most of the time, but because no-one wants to read about me being a cranky bitch about phone support staff ;) It's fixed now, and wasn't our equipment, despite what the rudest of the phone staff tried to tell me. Our ADSL seems slower now (we're on a different piece of wire for part of the route), but better slower and working, than intermittently not there at all. (Or running at 135kbps, which sucks majorly).

Now, lets see if I can actually witter here rather more regularly, shall we?