February 11th, 2008


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Broke my streak of lj updates :(

Friday felt like a Thursday as I had to go & do food shopping and other Thursday chores due to having not done them on Thursday. Which meant the weekend was a pleasant surprise when it arrived :) We had a pretty lazy weekend, mostly playing computer games (shooting rocks, shooting people, being lego). We had to go into town late Saturday afternoon for a contact lens appointment for J, so I pottered around for a bit, getting a new lasagne dish to replace the one that suicided on the kitchen floor and an oven thermometer as I've been a bit concerned about whether our oven reaches temperature (it does pretty much, it just takes longer to get there than it thinks it does). On the way home we popped into the Dove for a couple of pints (well, it'd be rude not to!), which promptly went straight to my head. I think that's probably because all I'd actually eaten by that stage of the evening was a single fried egg sandwich, oh and a creme egg. Not exactly the best set up for beer, I guess. We had dinner once we came home & more beer - and I tried to play q4 for a bit, but settled for making a nuisance of myself on irc trying to get people to talk to me (and mostly succeeding, to be fair). Hopefully they thought I was entertaining rather than obnoxious ;)

Surprisingly, I wasn't hungover on Sunday - I felt like I deserved to be, but actually I'd not had that much to drink, it'd just affected me more than usual. We had a roast beef lunch - I should do a roast chicken one again soon, but after last week's disaster I figured it'd be nice to not worry about it ;) Spent the afternoon playing Lego Star Wars, stopped once I was spending more time missing jumps than making them - I find the perspective difficult at times.