February 12th, 2008


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Yesterday was a little odd for two reasons, one planned, one not so much. J ending up working from home in the morning was the unplanned one - he got up to where the car was parked & it was totally boxed in :/ I went up to see if I could help but there was less than a foot of space if you added the gap on each side up, so we couldn't see how it'd ever work. He ended up getting the bus into work for the afternoon & karate, but thankfully both cars had moved (and been replaced by people who had their wits about them while they were parking) by the end of the evening, so he moved it to somewhere less likely to be boxed in - right at the end of a set of double-yellows.

The planned oddness was I decided to do the shopping in the morning & the rest of the chores in the afternoon, coz I'm always running late & running up against shop shutting time. Of course all that meant was I was cleaning the kitchen at 5:30pm coz I still didn't get going in the afternoon, but there's less sense of urgency ;)
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