February 13th, 2008


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Tried something new from my Chinese cookery book for dinner last night - a shredded chicken & veg stir-fry I'd somehow not got round to trying in the last 10 years. Not quite sure why - possibly put off by the long list of ingredients - but in the end it was quite simple, and rather tasty :) Not, I think, likely to become a favourite, but something to have now & then. There's enough leftover for today's lunch too, which is a nice bonus (although rather surprising).

The genealogy mailing list I'm on (for Durham-Northumberland research) has been buzzing recently with stuff about the Bishops Transcripts of the Parish Registers for the Diocese of Durham being online as scanned, albeit unindexed, images. So yesterday evening I finally got round to registering with the site & having a poke around. I found what is pretty certain to be the baptism record of J's great-great-great-great-grandfather in the Patterson line in 1805 - it matches place & date that we'd got from the censuses, so I'm pretty sure it's him. And that gives us not only date of baptism but date of birth and parents names, parishes of origin and father's occupation (yet another pitman, presumably in the coalmines as that's what's in the area). Oh, and that he's their first son. I also found later baptisms for siblings of his - first daughter and third son (clearly missed someone). Not bad for a couple of hours work. I can see this being a very useful collection :) Sometime we still need to visit the Durham Records Office, though, and look at the original parish registers, as they may have more information than the Bishops Transcripts (and there's obviously the possibility of mistakes in the transcripts as some poor chap had to write those out by hand when they were made - yes, the handwriting can be pretty attrocious).
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