February 18th, 2008

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I've spent so much time deciphering 19th Century handwriting I'm starting to dream about it ... Looking through the burials registers really brings home the increased infant mortality back then. It's something I was intellectually aware of anyway, but it feels more real now. I was looking at a page with 18 burials on for Feb 1822 (which included one I was interested in) and 13 of them were for children under 10 (12 for children under 5). February that year must've been harsh. And I can't imagine re-using names, particularly for children who did live a while. The couple whose offspring I was mostly tracking through these registers had 9 children, of whom 4 died in childhood - the three boys that died were all called Ralph. Not one of them made it to 5 years old, the last one died before baptism at only 2 weeks old. The girl who died was 10, and they named their next daughter (6 years later, mind you, they had a couple of boys between) Bridget, the same as her.

In other news - I beat my high score on Super Stardust HD twice over the weekend and opened up the third planet. I rock \o/ And that was pretty much it for my PS3ing, as J played Burnout Paradise all weekend.