February 20th, 2008


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Ran into a bit of a dead end with the Bishops' Transcripts - well, four dead ends, one of which may be solvable later, the others are less tractable. I found the baptism of John Patterson (b. 1785), which gave me enough to find another generation (John Patterson (again, the Pattersons are very fond of the name John) and Bridget Watson, both "of this parish" at their marriage in Houghton le Spring - J's great-great-great-great-great-great-grandparents) & 2 siblings. But his mother dies in 1790 which is before the transcripts included such things as ages on burials, so whilst one can guess about how old Bridget Watson was it's a little harder to be sure one has the right one. And I'm not sure we can link up a death of 50 year old John Patterson in Penshaw in 1812 with the family, because all the children of John and Bridget were born in Houghton le Spring and Bridget dies there. So there's no trail of evidence for a move to Penshaw for the whole family (I know John (b.1785) marries there, so he moves at some point but no evidence for his father moving). It's possible that John (senior most) remarries to a Jane and has another couple of children in Houghton le Spring which might provide the jumping off point for tracing a Penshaw move, but I can't find the marriage and anyway there's so little information that I probably wouldn't be able to link them anyway.

I looked for a baptism of a John Patterson in 1762 in Houghton le Spring anyway, just in case, but there wasn't one in that year and not only is that the first year in the records, but there's also a big gap afterwards with the next year available being 1770. So no joy there.

I can't yet narrow down where to search for Frances Briggs (John Patterson (b. 1785)'s wife) but that's the easily solvable dead end as I think she dies after 1847, thus in the era where deaths are registered. So if I get her death certificate that'll give an age and I can look for baptisms for her.

And I thought I'd look for Thomasin Wilson's baptism (Stephen Patterson (b. 1806)'s wife), in Walker, Northumberland in 1807ish, but there are only records available from the 1840s and 1850s for that parish :(

So apart from the initial glee of another generation in the Patterson line that was a little bit of a disappointing afternoon/evening's work. I'm a tad over-pessimistic on some of them actually - there are probably more records available in the actual parish records (and they may have more information in than the Bishops' Transcripts do). But for now they're not online so I've got to the end of what's easily accomplishable at home for those lines.

I should spend some time today getting the last couple of days evidence into the database etc, then decide what next. There's a couple of choices - blatt through the censuses for Stephen's sibs (I have probable marriages for 2 of them, and potential matches that I need to double check in the censuses). Or start looking for the baptism of Margaret Oxley who is the wife of the next generation down of Pattersons (so J's great-great-great-grandmother), but she seemed to either be unsure about her age or lied frequently as there's a 7 year range for her birthdate across the various censuses ;)
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