March 11th, 2008


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Last year we got off lightly in the bad storm of the winter - yes a bit of fence was damaged, but it wasn't that badly damaged and it was a place where our neighbours also had a fence (there's like a path thing between them that our neighbours use to dump stuff as far as I can tell) so we kinda ignored it. If anything I'd figured that yesterday it'd be the same bit of the fence that'd suffer and maybe we could keep ignoring it. Unfortunately not. Bah.

The back of our garden is weird coz the road behind us is at an angle to us. If you're looking down the garden from the house the fence makes a capital M shape, and it was the right hand bit of the back fence that got damaged last year. This year it was the left hand bit and while it's still in the area where there's two fences it's not really ignorable as it's actually down in places (propped up on their fence & their tree, but down nonetheless).

Oh, and it's not covered by our insurance, which is a shame but in some ways it simplifies things (after the whole kitchen ceiling saga I'm wary about insurance related repairs anyway ... ). I just wish the other garden wasn't the one with the Rottweiler ... J reckons I'm too stressed about that, that the dog can't get over the neighbours' fence (it's lower than ours). So hopefully he's right, I am a scaredy cat about dogs at the best of times.

So, made a call to a fencing company this morning that was recommended by someone in BT's internal newsgroups, see when they get back to me & what they say. Maybe we'll get those bloody leylandii taken out at the same time (our vague "plan" for the garden is to rip the whole damn lot out & start again with the beds round the edges).
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