December 12th, 2008

fink whiky

Shopping, Zombies & Old Fashioned Cavepeople (Not All At the Same Time ;) )

Success in finding presents yesterday, and success in doing grocery shopping (I dislike the biggest Tescos even more than I dislike the Martlesham one, coz not only is it full of people but I need to go round the shop twice to find everything!). And as predicted, Doctor Who & computer games for the rest of the day :)

The two Doctor Who episodes were "The Forest of Fear" and "The Firemaker", which had more of our 60s cavepeople (cavepeople don't understand kindness only us modern enlightened civilised people do! *rolls eyes*). Not only have dramatic conventions changed (and attitudes to various subsets of people), but filming technology has very clearly moved on since then (as you'd expect, really) - it's odd watching the focus clearly shift from front to back during scenes with things happening in two places. At least I'm assuming that's done because that's how it had to be, rather than as an artistic choice. Next up will be the first Daleks story! In which I believe the Daleks are not entirely the same as later, just as the Doctor himself isn't quite Doctorish yet.

After dinner I played Left 4 Dead most of the evening - me & alt finally managed to finish up Dead Air on the advanced difficulty level :D Sichere, who was playing with us most of the other times, is gonna be annoyed he missed out! ;) One down, three to go ... then there's expert! (Yes, I'm still enjoying shooting hordes of zombies, who wouldn't? ;) )