December 20th, 2008

fink whiky

Cars, Colds & the Undead

Car was all fixed by yesterday afternoon so had to go out to pick that up - it looks just like nothing had happened (except it's cleaner than it started!), so that's cool :) And repairs where you just pick the thing up, sign a thing to say you have & leave without any money stuff are particularly cool ;) Ipswich Council have been pretty good about this, sorted out very promptly and with minimal fuss. I should probably write & let them know I'm impressed, to be honest.

Other than that I pretty much didn't leave the house - we had been supposed to go out to Supersonic last night, but J's got a cold & was feeling rough and it seemed daft to go out & make him worse when we've a busy week ahead of us what with Xmas coming up. So a nice relaxing evening in was had instead :) I mostly shot zombies & he mostly played Little Big Planet (and due mostly to my l4d game we were still late to bed, but didn't actually get up till 11 today so still got a lot of sleep :) ).