January 9th, 2009


Gas Leaks & Daleks

Yesterday turned out slightly odd - J had to come home & work at home from halfway through the day. They'd had a firealarm & eventually after a while of standing around they were told there was a gas leak in the building & they'd no idea when it'd be fixed, so they should go off home & work there (or somewhere else on site if that wasn't possible). So I had a bit of a mad scramble around trying to find something to feed him for lunch (his lunch being in the building with the gas ... ), we had fried eggs sandwiches in the end. He's at home for at least some of today (I'm not sure if the leak is fixed yet or not, but presumably it'll take a while for the building to get back to a sensible temperature anyway as they had to switch the heating off).

So we finished off watching The Daleks just after lunch (while still in J's lunchbreak), the final episode was "The Rescue". Emo-Thal turned out to be brave (and self-sacrificing) after all, so maybe I shouldn't've laughed at him so much ;) Via some badly choreographed fight scenes the Daleks were finally defeated & Skaro was left to the Thals to live in peace forever more - of course we all know they aren't really all gone (and a large chunk of the backstory for this episode is totally changed by later stories anyway). The Daleks as a whole was a much better story than the cavemen one they opened with, fun to watch even if very obviously a product of a different time sometimes. Next up is The Edge of Destruction!