January 11th, 2009

fink whiky

Dentist = Shopping Trip?

J ended up going into work after lunch on Friday - they'd fixed the gas leak & got the heating back on etc & he didn't really have anything more he could do from home (having not prepared to work at home he didn't have everything he needed). So that was another slightly odd day :)

Yesterday involved a trip to the dentist, just for checkups. For a change I'm OK & it's J that needs another appointment, hopefully not for a filling just for a tooth to be sealed up, but the dentist will investigate further then. There was an air of suppressed drama in the dentist's office - we couldn't quite work out what was going on, but it seemed something like the dentist that was in was not the one who was supposed to be & ditto the receptionist, and there'd been some fuss. Didn't affect us tho, still had the checkups, just noseyness on my part wondering what went on.

The plan was to go straight for lunch after that, but J wanted a look in a couple of shops so we went to Waterstones & HMV. And came away with a book that teaches you to read hieroglyphics & an album :) Our plans of a frugal start to the year had already been a tad derailed, so no surprise that they got even more so ;) Lunch was in the eat-all-you-like Chinese buffet place, which is always nice. The food is good & we have chinese tea with it so we end up with a reasonably priced lunch (about what we'd spend in a cafe/sandwich place) but feel like we've had a proper meal. And then on to The Dove for a pint & a look at our purchases :) Overheard the landlady talking to someone about the loyalty card scheme, might get one, might not. The bit that kinda appeals is that if you have one then their website can show you which beers you've had, and I suppose I could do that myself. It's also a straightforward "earn points, buy stuff with points", 2 points per pint, 1 per half, each point is a penny. Plus bonus points on beers (that they're promoting, I guess).

And then came home & rocked! We bought Guitar Hero: World Tour with the gift card Phil & Helen had given us for Xmas - we'd been dithering about it for a bit, because after all we're still playing Rockband & will pick up Rockband 2 as soon as it comes out for PS3, but there're lots of tracks we wanted to play & the game works with our current instruments. So it was excellent present material - something we maybe wouldn't've bought ourselves but it's great to have someone else buy for us :)