January 26th, 2009

fink whiky

Cake or Death?

Another certificate arrived on Sat morning - Mary Robinson's death cert - and the place of residence for the informant let me track down one of her sons in 1861/71/81/91 and his family. It was nice to have one of those easy ones to track down after banging my head against the Storeys so much recently, shame it's a tangent really.

Most of the rest of the weekend was taken up with food & games. We played quite a lot of GH:WT - I think we've just got 2 gigs left to do on hard & we've got all the way through. Of course they might take us a while, the difficulty is starting to ramp up a bit now. But the songs in them look pretty good, so won't mind getting stuck on them (like I might've minded if we'd got stuck on the gig that has the Sex Pistols song in it ... Pretty Vacant is pretty dull :/ ). And obviously I played L4D a lot too! ;)

Food wise - Sat night was haggis night. I need to remember to look in the sausage shop in The Walk for haggises more often, we do like it & I think that shop might sell them even when it's not Burn's Night. Sunday I somehow planned 2 big meals and made cakes in the afternoon ... so by the end of the day (cake as a midnight snack) I felt like I'd been eating all the time ;)