January 17th, 2010

Eek! So scary!

Games, games, games!

Nice lazy Saturday, just what I needed as I've a slight cold!

Having spent most of the morning sleeping, I spent most of the afternoon playing Lego Rockband - first with J and then on my own once he stopped to read the current chapter from his hieroglyphs book. Playing first guitar parts then bass parts for some of the same songs leads to a certain amount of cognitive dissonance, I'll think to myself 'oh, this one was a pig' and then it'll turn out to be easy or vice versa. It's cool that they've managed to give the game a different feel to Rockband 2 while still keeping the same game mechanic. The 'rock power challenges' have little intro vids which tie in the name of the song to what you're "doing" when you do the challenge - like a song called Thunder when you're bringing a rain storm, or obviously Ghostbusters for driving ghosts out of somewhere ;)

And an evening full of zombie hunting - tried out a map bny'd wanted on the server for a while, Chaos Theory. I wasn't that impressed tho :/ Bit short only 3 levels, first one was supposed to be hard but it didn't take us more than 2 attempts even with 3, and the first attempt just failed because of a buggy spot in the map where you could walk onto it but not off it :/ And a gimmicky teleporter maze puzzle to get the gear (health/t2s) before the finale, that we didn't bother with in the end, was as easy to make sure you had a t2 from the saferoom & we were healthy enough that the saferoom health packs were all that was necessary. I'm not a big fan of that sort of puzzle anyway and it just felt like the mapper had stuck it in to be "different". The shortness meant we finished up well early in the evening for a Saturday, too ... I'd thought I might finish up with some quakelive, but in the end I spent the rest of my evening being a chatterbox ;)