January 18th, 2010



Finally actually got round to going to the cinema yesterday afternoon, like we'd planned to when it was all snowy (hmm, that almost makes it sound like I wanted to go - it might be better to say that J finally bribed me into accompanying him to the cinema, see later). So, off we went, queued in a long queue (but for a fairly short time) to buy tickets (ouch-expensive), then queued in a short queue (but for a long time) to buy popcorn (omg-how-much-expensive), and eventually made it into the cinema just before the start of all the crap they show before the film. There were apparently heating problems in the auditorium, but actually that made it a pleasant temperature rather than baking hot, so that was quite nice ;) The ads all seemed to be Message ads, and patronising as hell, tho that was much better than the trailers. As it was a 3D film we were going to watch, the trailers were for other 3D films ... starting with a trailer for Piranha 3D which seemed to have no redeeming features whatsoever! Then something else, then a trailer for an Alice in Wonderland film (not the original story?) which J liked and I was meh about but then my default reaction to films is meh unless persuaded otherwise ;)

(Same caveat as with the thoughts about books, this is hardly going to be a formal, properly phrased & well thought out review, more a selection of my rambling thoughts ;) And full of spoilery bits so read on at your own risk, hence the cut.)

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And my bribe for getting me to do something like go to the cinema (I don't enjoy the experience in itself & I'm very fussy about films - they don't have to be good, but they very much have to be my sort of thing) was to go to the pub afterwards :D So we had a couple of pints at the Dove, and then got Chinese takeaway on the way home :)
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