January 19th, 2010



I don't know why people keep rabbits as pets, seems all they do is escape - back in the summer we had our neighbours-across-the-back-fence's rabbit get into our garden several days in a row, spent ages (with them) trying to get the blasted thing out from under the shed & back into their garden. They got rid of it, tho - bumped into her in the street & she said they'd got guinea pigs instead coz they don't jump over the edges of the pen! So we thought our rabbit chasing was over.

But no! Looked out the window as I was serving up Sunday lunch and there was a large, stupid looking, grey & white rabbit. Argh! We decided to eat lunch then worry about it, and it had vanished by the time we went to look afterwards. So I just posted something going 'grr argh' on identica/twitter/facebook & then we went out to the cinema & forgot about it.

And so I was annoyed to glance out the window yesterday morning to see the blasted thing bounce off the bins a few times and dance around outside the back door :/ It even tried to investigate the catflap! So I shut that, went out and got the cat (who was starting to look very very interested) and locked him in. I don't, to be honest, think the cat realised this was ambulatory food, but I didn't really want to take the chance on having to tell someone their pet had been eaten by mine ;) And started trying to work out whose rabbit it was - no signs of hutches in any of the gardens we could see, except the family I was sure had got guinea pigs now.

There had been a note up in the co-op about a missing rabbit, but it wasn't the right description from what I remembered & anyway when I walked up there it had gone, so I couldn't even double check it. Neither of our neighbours was answering the door (tho the small kidlet in the house we're joined onto was screaming up a storm at one point - weird). In desperation I went round to Back Hamlet to the people with the guinea pigs & she confirmed they didn't have a rabbit (and never would again! ;) ), but she suggested I put it in our cat carrier which I hadn't thought of.

So I was gonna do that & then ring the vet & see what I could do about it. This whole wandering around fretting had taken over an hour, and during the whole time the rabbit sat there in the back garden. Gently ambling around, cleaning its feet, eating the grass, just chilling out. Even when I went out to check on it, it'd just look at me & go back to its own business. So I figured it might be quite easy to catch ... went, got the cat box, came back out ... rabbit takes one look at the box and legs it into one of the back corners of the garden behind a big bush and vanishes!

And I've seen no sign of it since. I'm hoping it went back where it came from. I'm really hoping it didn't die of hypothermia behind the rosemary, as that'll be unpleasant later!