January 27th, 2010

Eek! So scary!


Well, the good bit about yesterday was that our Rockband 2 disc came back after it was the one that got stuck in our most recently dead PS3. Other than that it felt mostly like a day of things conspiring against me, so by the end of the evening I was a right grumpy cow ;)

Started the day by losing my keys, which certainly woke me up, but not in a good way. Turned out when I'd got home from the shops on Monday I'd put them in my coat pocket not my jeans pocket where they live. Nice little adrenaline rush to start the day ;)

Then later I was trying to export the Lego Rockband tracks so that we can play them in Rockband 2 & it all just went horribly wrong. It's a stupidly complex process anyway - there's a single use code in the game box that you put into a website which gives you a (different) single use code to put into the PSN store which lets you download an unlock key that once you go into the ingame music store lets you buy the ability to export the tracks onto your hard drive & I think you may even have to download the track pack. Compare that with Rockband 1 track export where you just go to the PSN store, pay for & download an unlock key which patches the game so you can click an option in the extras menu to export to disc. No codes, no hoops.

The bit that went wrong for me? I put the code in the website and it returned me a page with nothing in the bit where the second code was supposed to appear! I thought, never mind I'll get it to email me the code. Aaaand, no code in the resultant email either. So, never mind, eh? Just do the process again ... except the only bit that's worked is that it's used up my single use of the code :( Fucking annoyed. I've emailed the techsupport email addy from the email which should've give me the code - but no reply yet. After a wee while I'll have to email the other techsupport email addy I can find (for europe support specifically) - no phone number given unfortunately :/

So that put me in dreadful mood, stomping round the house hitting things :/

Then every possible petty annoyance was out of proportion - wanted to play Super Stardust HD but I've got to re-buy it for my new PSN account which narks me so I didn't do that, went onto steam after dinner to try & get a game of zombies and the only fellow zombie hunter about was busy working, went to try & play quakelive so I'd shot something and it had gone down for maintenance about 1 minute before I tried to load it up.

Got my l4d game in the end tho & lili came & played with us so we had 4 for a while and got 8:43 on that survival map. So that was cool :) But I didn't want it to be bedtime when it was coz I was (finally) enjoying my game - back to small irritations being way out of proportion.

I did, at least, sleep well, so today should be better :) And I'm listening to my playlist of music that goes Rar! ;)