January 29th, 2010


Electrics, Networks & Zombies!

Yesterday was a weird day overall. Barely any of the things that should happen happened, instead other things did.

First we had an electrician friend of J's (from karate) out to replace our wall light-fittings in the front bit of downstairs. They were pretty old and cracked and the plastic bits inside where you put the light bulbs in had broken to an extent where you couldn't put a light bulb in. I think it's been 2 years since both were working, at least, and a month or so since the second one died. Yay, apathy ftw :/ While the guy was here he also looked at the under-cupboard light in the kitchen which is a bodged DIY job from the previous owners of the house. The switch for them wasn't properly screwed together - the box was too small for the guts so there was a gap where the wires were exposed. So we got him to replace the box with a sensible sized one, and it turned out to be just as well coz once he got the thing opened up he discovered the earth wires weren't fixed to the places they should be fixed to, they were just shoved in & hopefully making contact with the right bit! I said I wished people wouldn't do DIY if they didn't know what they were doing - he said he quite liked it when they did coz it means more work for him ;)

So after I'd tidied up from that I rang my mother. The Lego Rockband people want scans of the receipt, the code page and the game disc to prove we're not ripping them off or otherwise behaving in a criminal fashion (*sigh* I do hate the tendency to make people who are being legit jump through hoops to prove it). As the game was a xmas pressie from my parents I had to speak to Mum and get her to find the receipt (thankfully she is good at filing such things) and get her to post it to us. Hopefully that'll arrive soon & we can get this moving :/

And then I finally got round to normal housework!! Only to have our net connection drop out & refuse to come back once I'd sat down for my lunch. Auth failure - "LCP allowed to come up" then no more. Tried powercycling, tried leaving it off for half an hour, no joy. Ended up on the phone to Zen a couple of times - first suggestion was to try a factory reset of the router, in case powercycling earlier had corrupted the data (unlikely, but hey you do even the dumb sounding troubleshooting steps). Tried some test username, no joy. Tried plugging it into the test socket without the cordless phones attached (yeah, dumb step, ISP man agreed with me, but it's part of the standard kit of tests even if we have no internal wiring to disconnect and a cordless phone wouldn't affect auth). Zen ran some diagnostics, apparently something that might or might not indicate a fault in BT's network showed up. So, they raised the fault. And about 45mins after I got off the phone to Zen the conn came back. I'm not sure if that's it fixed or what (rang back Zen, but they weren't sure, either). Connected faster too - we've dropped out since (was too fast I think) but even so we're still synced at over 4Mb which is unusual for our line. Mebbe it is fixed and we've got a better line now? Here's hoping.

So that used up my grocery shopping time nicely :/ And as J had had a stressful day at work, we decided it was a day for takeaway! \o/ Fish & chips - with monster, monster amounts of chips, neither of us finished our plates.

And zombie hunting happened like normal, had a run through the Arena of the Dead campaign, with much pissing about and little seriousness, the perfect antidote to a somewhat tedious afternoon. Felt a tad sorry for bny (who joined us for one of the levels) as he does prefer a more sensible approach to the game ;) Came a bit unstuck on the finale, took way more attempts than it shoulda done (... mebbe should've been more serious??) and then dnky incapped me on the run to the helicopter to escape!! Was a good game tho, good for a giggle :)