January 30th, 2010


Friday Friday Friday!

Another weird out-of-order day - having not done enough food shopping on Thursday I had to do it yesterday morning. And then do Friday morning things in the afternoon. I coulda done the shopping in the afternoon, but we were forecast snow & I figured I'd rather be in while that was happening. In the end we only got about a millimeter of snow here, so I needn't've worried ;)

Net connection's remained mostly stable - hasn't stayed up for longer than 24hrs yet, but at least it's reconnecting when it goes down! And it's still faster than it was, which is weird. Nice, but weird. Not quite high enough all the time to tick us over onto the 4000 BRAS profile, but definitely up to the 3500 one once it stays there for a while. If. Whatever ;) Need to get in touch with Zen tho - we're still hooked up to the test socket and it'd be nice to move that all back, but when I spoke to them after the connection came back they asked me to leave it like it was till they'd had contact from BT.

Painted my nails last night for the first time in aaaaaages. I'd been wearing my Opeth t-shirt & listening to The Cure & just suddenly decided that black fingernails were necessary. I was greatly amused to notice that the name of the colour of my black nailpolish is "Grumpy" - I wasn't, I was in a pretty good mood, but maybe I should've had that on for Thursday's net connection troubles? I was also impressed it was still liquid and nailpolish like, given I think I bought it while I was still at uni, so on the order of 15 years ago!

And I was really in the mood to go out to Furry, not Furry as it is now but as it had been about 6 or 7 years ago. Think it was listening to Lovecats that did that, got the urge to dance to it ;) But, not having a time machine we couldn't exactly achieve that. Shame.

Instead, I hunted zombies - we epically failed at Dead Industry, partly coz bny left really early so we were just 3, partly coz we were just being a tad inept. Played some survival after that - left the game open to the public coz dnky had wussed out too, so was just me & alt & a succession of random strangers. God the general public suck ;) Was fun tho! Well, up to a point, as alt said.