January 31st, 2010


Beer! And Loot!

J had a contact lens checkup yesterday afternoon so we decided to make the trip into town a little less dull by having lunch in Neros first, and visiting HMV to spend some tokens J hadn't quite got round to buying anything with yet. As we so rarely go into town on Saturday I tend to forget just how busy it gets - and how many people shamble along brainlessly or stop randomly in the street in front of you ;) Lunch was good tho - and they were even still selling mince pies so I had one as my dessert :) And J bought much loot in HMV, three films and an album I think. We'd been thinking about getting DJ Hero if we could effectively get it for free with the tokens, but it's still way too expensive & neither of us were excited enough about it after trying it out at Gareth's birthday do to want to actually spend money on it ;)

Stopped at the Dove for a pint or two on our way home. As another bit of making it a less dull trip ;) They were gearing up for someone's 40th birthday party in there, so it looked more crowded than usual for a Saturday afternoon coz 2 of the rooms were closed off. Rather startlingly on our second round we bought a beer that neither of us would drink - I forget the brewery but it was called Farmer Ray's Ale, I thought it smelt rank but tasted better than it smelt, J thought it tasted worse than it smelt. Rare to find a beer than neither of us will drink - so we abandoned it and got something safe (Abbot's Ale) instead ;) The other beers were all nice, J had Woodforde's Mardler's (a mild) first, then the Abbot's Ale; I had Red Nosed Whippet and then Dickens (neither of which I remember the brewery for).

Of course that made for a tipsy Margaret later in the evening as we shared a bottle of wine with (and after) our dinner, and I had a rather large G&T to follow ;) J watched one of his new films & I tried out a new map on l4d with dnky (and a random selection of pub players, no-one else was around), was pretty good but I really wasn't at my best & not only did it take us hours but we also dropped the difficulty down to advanced halfway through so we could see the end ;)