February 1st, 2010

fink whiky

Lazy Sunday:)

Got the stuff together & emailed off for the hoops the Lego Rockband people wanted me to jump through - the receipt from my mother arrived on Friday & I took photos of it, the sheet with the code on & the game disc. The last of those strikes me as most bizarre - if I don't have a game disc I ain't gonna get much use from the token, now am I? That's surely my problem ;) Just gotta wait now for them to get round to getting back to me. I dunno if they'll acknowledge getting the email even, so I've gotta leave it a few days before I start to worry about no response (they said it would take a couple of days for "corporate" to sort it out once they'd got my stuff).

And I think that was the most productive thing I did all day. Well, I cooked a roast beef lunch & then spicy broccoli pasta for dinner, that was productive too! But otherwise it was a lazy day to make up for having had to Go Out (shock!) on Saturday. Lots of Lego Rockband in the afternoon - finished the story mode in our joint game (on J's account). Well, that's finished as in got to the last cutscene - there's a whole bunch of gigs we've not done yet. The Rock Marathon one looks cool - 15 random songs & we've got all of our dlc re-downloaded now so all that's "family friendly" is available for it to pick. Of course, there's some tough songs, but I think we can flail our way through pretty much everything to Lego Rockband standards anyway (the fail mechanism being rather different - we'd have more difficulty in Rockband 2).

And while J watched some Heroes episodes to catch up with that, I played some quakelive and faffed about on the internets in general.