February 5th, 2010


Is There Really Anyone Who Gets Excited About Washing Machines?

Blerg. I have the lurgy. Hopefully a light lurgy that will depart soon tho!

Doesn't help that I've been thinking off & on about washing machines for the last couple of days - there's little more boring than washing machines. Even if they do fancy this & that & will save the planet & change your life forever or some such, they're still things that wash clothes. And inherently dull. I do, however, need to think about them as our washing machine is dying - it doesn't always spin. Being intermittent (ie it always goes in the end, after you've thumped it a few times and sworn at it and left it for an hour or two with sopping wet laundry in it and thumped it some more) it seems to be undiagnosable - the repairman I got out to look at it a month or so ago did have a go, but he couldn't narrow it down and frankly at 10 years old it's possibly not worth flinging money at it till it's fixed :/ So, time to buy a new one.

Posted something on identica/twitter/facebook the other day & now have a bunch of recommendations for review sites & know what other people are happy with. And unfortunately it looks a bit like my original plan of buying a dirt cheap one is probably a bad idea, on you-get-what-you-pay-for grounds. Which of course makes me resent it even more ;) And I keep forgetting as I look at them to check the size coz it's gotta not only fit in the space the other one does but it's also got to fit through the door to get there. The tumbledryer only went through the door after we took the door off :/ Pretty sure the washing machine was fine, tho, so that gives me a size range.

In less desperately boring news the Lego Rockband people finally came through with our download token, and the rest of the process went smoothly \o/ I still think it was stupidly complex system, particularly given they don't seem to have bothered to make their end of it terribly robust.