February 8th, 2010


Shadow Unit Sunday!

Large chunks of yesterday morning and afternoon got eaten up by the new Shadow Unit episode. Ow. Good story, but ow. If you've not read any of Shadow Unit before I would recommend starting at the beginning, not with the most recent episode, as a lot of the interest/pay-off is because you know the characters and it just wouldn't have the same impact without that. Basically Shadow Unit is a story (series) about FBI agents hunting down serial killers with anomalous abilities, structured mostly like a TV series (with some meta conceit about actors & network & stuff on the website for flavour, but to be honest I don't pay much attention to that). So each episode/story has its case-of-the-week and the big over-arching story is about the anomaly and what it is. And it's about the people - the FBI agents. Which is why this novel-length episode works best in place rather than as a jump off point - it resolves the cliff-hanger from the end of season 2 (which I'd thought might end up being stretched out over more of this season), but resolves it in such a way that it breaks the team emotionally. Ow.

It being novel length I guess it maybe counts as a book? In which case it's 4. "The Unicorn Evils" (Shadow Unit) by Emma Bull & Elizabeth Bear.

J spent a lot of the afternoon watching the extras on the Life on Mars disc he's got from lovefilm at the moment and I was partly watching over his shoulder. I suspect he's right that I would probably have enjoyed watching LoM, but we'd end up stringing the episodes out over a looooong time as we already have a lot of TV lined up. And I so prefer to get my narrative entertainment in text, so I'd always rather watch documentaries than stories on the telly. (Which of course means Shadow Unit is just right for me - it's all text but some of the influences are TV series like The X-files & Criminal Minds, so it's like someone made a TV series just for people like me, ie not on the telly!) I did particularly like the way it's kind of the anti-nostalgia show, I much prefer being an adult now than what it would be like in the early 70s. Although, of course, if I was an adult in the early 70s I'd've been a different person ...
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