February 9th, 2010



Woah. Winter came back. It's not like it had got warm, but yesterday when I went out it was back to feeling bitterly cold. And it was snowing most of the day - not settling tho, as the ground was wet. Still it gave me the incentive to do the shopping more quickly!

It was a slightly weird feeling day - J went into work for the first time since last Monday (he'd been working from home while his tooth was bad - said tooth is mostly better, but not totally). But then he didn't do karate coz he still felt knackered from being unwell/not sleeping right. So it didn't quite feel like a normal Monday, whilst still feeling more of a normal day than most have recently. And by the end of the evening I was quite convinced it was Tuesday until someone pointed out that 2 days ago was Saturday not Sunday (from yesterday, obviously). And today he's working from home again, so this is the new normal back ;)

Zombie hunting in the evening, unsurprisingly. Had someone different play with us - he'd joined in the game we had open to pub on Saturday (saturday not sunday, see?), not the idiot I banned obviously, and on Sunday after I'd gone he joined alt/dnky in game. And still wanted in on our game last night! Seemed like a nice guy, had enough of a sense of humour to deal with the crap we were talking most of the game ;) Hopefully that's us back up to 4 people at least some of the time :)