February 15th, 2010

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In some ways yesterday was another entry in the "we're getting old" series ... 14th Valentines Day that J & I have been together. Which seems like an awfully long time, particularly given that my mental image of myself/ourselves is stuck at ~25! I mean, I know we're in our mid-thirties, but I don't act like it or really believe it ;)

We had to work out how many it had been by counting them up, finally.

We've never made that much of a fuss of Valentines Day, we get each other cards (normally with a reminder one way or the other about buying one or writing it) but not presents or flowers. And the first few years we were together we used to use it as an excuse to go out for dinner. In a disorganised sort of way, involving neither of us booking a table anywhere, then realising a couple of days before the date that almost everywhere was booked. Except our favourite curry restaurant. So as well as cards our other tradition is curry for dinner - nowadays we generally stay in tho.

Yesterday therefore was kinda not much different from any other Sunday, but the quality of the wine with dinner was better ;) And dinner was curry. Roast duck for lunch (coz the co-op had duck! half-price, too), and beef madras for dinner (mostly from a Pataks curry paste jar).

And we spent the afternoon playing computer games together (endless setlist in Lego Rockband).

A good day! We're well matched, really :D
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