February 23rd, 2010



I had to go into the library yesterday - we'd reserved the new Wheel of Time book & it had just come in. And while I was there I poked around the shelves, seeing if there was anything interesting, and got caught up reading something. And then somehow it was quarter to six and I had to go do the food shopping NOW if I was to end up with anything to cook for dinner! Generally I don't go into town in the morning, coz if I do get into a book at the library I'm likely to read right through lunch & end up late and cranky from lack of food ;) But the incentive of the shops actually shutting normally stops me from being too bad in the afternoon - I finished the book though :)

5. "Cry Wolf" by Patricia Briggs. I've read some books by Briggs before - her Mercedes Thompson series, where Mercy is a mechanic & a shapeshifter who turns into a coyote, and as with most urban fantasy books there are werewolves & vampires & the fae. They're not generic even tho my description just was, and I enjoyed them quite a bit, I'm a bit of a sucker for vampire/werewolf tales. So when I spotted a book by Briggs that I hadn't read I picked it up - it's not got Mercy in it, but it's set in the same world and has some overlapping characters (on screen these were a couple of the werewolves). The two main characters in this, Charles & Anna, are both werewolves & I read the main story as them going & hunting down a rogue (who is killing people in the wilds of Montana iirc) who turns out to be more than just a werewolf and part of someone's past that he'd thought was over and done with. Looking for the title on the author's website I discovered she classifies it as Paranormal Romance, so I guess the "main" story was the the relationship between the two werewolves, but luckily for my self-image as a woman who doesn't read romance novels it wasn't necessary to read it that way to enjoy it (that's my story, and I shall cling to it! ;) ). And I did enjoy it - I don't think I'll ever get round to buying these books (I just can't buy everything I like, there isn't enough space), but I'll certainly grab anything by Briggs that I see in the library & read it :)

Didn't make it back to the bookshop tho, was shut by the time I was done ;)
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