February 26th, 2010

fink whiky


J took the day off work yesterday, mostly coz his boss asked him on Wednesday how he was gonna use up the last few days of leave he needs to use before the end of March. And J thought, I know, I can take tomorrow off work! ;) We didn't just have a lazy day though - we actually left the house & did useful stuff!

Finally got round to taking the empty bottles/jars to the tip. Which was significantly overdue, I think we'd got bottles there from before xmas, maybe even from November. And it was taking up half the worksurface that we use as a holding area for them pre-recycling. It kinda annoys me that the council don't collect glass, other places manage why can't Ipswich?

Then the fun bit of the trip out! We went to a new-ish restaurant in Woodbridge, The Moorish Lounge, which does mezze style stuff. Which we have a taste for since our Egyptian holiday - the best bits of every meal in Egypt were the mezze starters (and not the often over-cooked by our standards main course). The food was great - we had homemade flatbreads with a hummus dip, spinakoti (spinach & feta in filo pastry), felafel, briout (filo parcels with chicken/chorizo/sultanas/pistachios) and meatballs in tomato sauce. And a cup of coffee each, coz we'd driven there so sharing a bottle of wine was right out ;) We liked the atmosphere too, the decor was warm & friendly. And the staff were also friendly & welcoming. Definitely going back sometime (tho not often, it ended up a fairly expensive lunch - worth it tho) and it seems a good place to take people who visit.

Then on to more boring stuff - stocked up on beer from the Adnams shop in Woodbridge (conveniently near to the restaurant), then on to Focus where we just bought the adjustable wrench we'd come in for & nothing more. Rare, but neither of us was really in the mood for looking round and seeing if there was stuff we needed to do things we've been putting off (buying the stuff rarely helps, tbh, we keep putting things off we just have stuff to do it with!). And then Tescos, which we'd got to early enough to beat the after-school shoppers, but apparently at just the right time for hordes of sour-faced older women to do their shopping. Or maybe I was just irritating on sight? ;)

And home. Where I fixed the leaky pipe! The wrench fit (not even at fully open), and I managed to turn the cap just a little more, a sixteenth of a turn maybe. And it's not shown any signs of leaking since. If that keeps up then we can put the "laundry room" back together tomorrow - the tumbledryer needs to go on top of the washing machine, and there's a shelf to be screwed back up (had to come off to get the machines out, it's a slightly odd shaped space).

After that was back to more normal random-day-off type things. J downloaded the demo for God of War III on the ps3 & played that - it looked cool, although possibly a touch too viscerally gory for me. I had to look away when he was ripping the sun god's head off & clawing its eyeballs out ... I had less of a problem with the gore that wasn't from human-shaped things, but even so it was fairly brutal. I shall try playing the demo myself sometime though & see how it goes :) And for the rest of the evening J played Fallout 3 & I played Left 4 Dead ... and somehow it was nearly midnight and not just time to stop but WAY WAY WAY past time to stop ;)